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Austin was seen as a good attacking player

After five years with the Los Angeles RAMS, Tavon Austin will join the new team.

Mike Garafolo, a reporter for the NFL's official website, reported that the ram would trade or lay off the former first show.

Before the 2013 draft, Austin was seen as a good attacking player. The ram traded up four positions to pick him up. Though he said a breakthrough in the 2015 season (total propulsion code number close to 1000 yards, 10 touchdowns) and therefore with ram in 2016 signed a $42 million contract, four years he never played in accordance with the performance of the contract value, not to mention the expectation before the draft NFL Coins.

Austin's 2016 season has been disappointing. Then the new coach Sean McVeigh (Sean McVay) introduced outside the former buffalo bill took over sami - Watkins (Sammy Watkins) and Robert Woods (Robert Woods), which makes out outside Austin took over rotation. Austin scored 47 yards in just 13 games last season, averaging just 3.6 yards per catch.

The Austin contract includes a $5 million retention bonus, which went into effect this month, too much money for a player who has little chance to play and who occasionally takes part in the game.

If even a creative coach like McVeigh can't activate Austin's offensive capabilities, it's doubtful that Austin could play an important role in the next phase of his career.

It is hard for a player with a large but underperforming contract to find a deal.

NBA Live 17 is finally coming

Early the NBA Live series has always occupy the dominance of basketball game market, and in a few years ago the game series stopped updating a sequel, back into the game until the Live 15 markets, this basketball game during the period of the market has been completely by the NBA 2 k series dominance, now the NBA Live 16 launch did not reverse the situation, but let the gap bigger.

The south Korean game rating agency has rated the NBA Live 17 series, which was released in September last year, and when will the NBA Live 17 go on sale? According to the ratings agency, NBA Live 17 is finally coming NBA Live Coins.

The NBA Live earlier said the latest series of works will take the lead in landing, head of the mobile terminal, the team was very excited, as for the other platforms will be released in early 2017, the NBA Live 17 May be issued during the all-star game held in February.

The NBA Live series of broken again more, perhaps EA has been afraid of confrontation with the NBA 2 k series, or because the NBA Live 16 all sorts of strange flower BUG, sum up the EA if making new perfect attentively, so will not is a dream to return to the altar.

The new game's free demo was launched

Competition with the NBA 2K is a huge task, but EA's NBA Live may seem to be just to complete the task. EA PLAY gives us the official announcement of NBA's NBA LIVE 18. After the NBA 2K was defeated by the HBA, the NBA Live 18 showed no half, and it was worth our attention.

In addition to being visually impressive, the game now has a new model called The One. This mode allows you to choose which one you can play in the real world court (eg Venice Beach or Union) for 5 to 5 games, which will allow you to enter the NBA NBA MT Coins.

The new game's free demo was launched in August, and the good news is that your progress will be launched later this year after entering the main game. NBA Live in 2016 spent a year, it seems that this time has been very good.

NBA Live 18 will be launched in September and expect it to be part of EA Access and EA Origin.

The success of Mario Kart

Three months before the development of the rocket league, nintendo reached Psyonix. If the rocket league is not the most influential of the game, it is very dependent on physics, forcing Psyonix version allows the game to the switches during normal operation, easy to obtain a better solution Rocket League Items. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe success switch is the Psyonix team get the right power on the switches.

"At the start of the project, the green light was given three months ago. If you want to talk about the first time we started the survey, the development kit, late last year was about when we first started our research. "Nintendo contacted Psyonix first, before the console even officially announced, there was a potential Switch Outing. 8 players Local multiplayer Single switch on the double split screen, each player USES a Joy - Con.

Xbox players will have a game library

With the Nintendo face yesterday will be the end, as of now, the three major game manufacturers have completed their debut in the E3. In the face of full of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, respectively, through different strategies, is a step by step to shorten the gap with Sony Rocket League Items. Microsoft: HD 4K new hardware, platform strategy unwavering

Microsoft as the first media conference held by the manufacturers, naturally pocketed the eye. In addition to the long-rumored Xbox One X, Microsoft's other move can not be ignored: Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will be backward compatible with Xbox games.

This action to tell the truth on the Xbox One sales impact is minimal After all, now the user has been able to play Xbox 360 game on the Xbox One. So whether it is compatible with the Xbox seems insignificant.

According to analyst analysis, this seems a little bit of a small step, but it is a big step in Microsoft's strategy. This means that Xbox players will have a game library that will never expire.Although this is in hand, Steam players eyes is a matter of course, but in the field of host, "never expired game library" is actually a relatively young concept.

The teams with limited manpower

If you are a person who does not want to spend all their time playing e-sports, then the NHL franchise, it is difficult to make people excited. Add bobblehead night franchise mode is a boring, surface-level add, I found how it was advertised funny NHL Coins. It's almost like developers realize that their single game mode is not very easy to sell.

The trouble is that EA does not seem to care about these patterns because it can put resources into money makers like HUT. In 2015, EA received more than twice the price from DLC (such as HUT) to sell the full price game. The reality is that compared to the basic game, HUT for EA is a very large amount, so in the development process, it has been the proportion of attention. Unfortunately, for teams with limited manpower and technical resources, this means placing less love on the rest of the game.

And when you and other AAA sports games (such as Madden, FIFA, MLB The Show and NBA 2K) compared to NHL's franchise model is more obvious. The NHL franchise model is not completely terrible, but lacks the personality and detail of some other large sports events. New features such as unique owners, relocations and promotions at night, moving the needle not too much. Rating and trade value system is still meaningless when it may be legal to change the rules of the game. Also, do not let me start in Be A Pro, compared with the NBA's ridiculous powerful my players, it might be FIFA's new story mode. There is not enough practice to make these single game modes feel special.

The Madden NFL 2016, NBA 2K16 and FIFA 16 are one of the top eight sales games of 2015 - but it is also a reflection of the developers who are actively concerned about the online model, according to the NPD data. , Such as HUT and EASHL. While I fully understand why EA from a business point of view, there are some HUT players who have spent hundreds of packs - I have to be disappointed as a long-term franchise player.

NHL is still my favorite sport game, and I'm still very fun to play most of the patterns, including EASHL. (I once again learned that in my opponents Tyler Seguin and Johnny Gaudreau came first in my first attempt, HUT was not mine, my first center was Andrew Desjardins, C'mon guys.) But A large part of the video game world is changing to a competitive online model, allowing publishers to sell DLC, NHL completely in the car. I just hope it does not feel that this is the expense of the rest of the game.

If you're primarily a gamer

EA Sports wants you to play NHL 17 online. In the latest version of the ice hockey game, there are a lot of patterns, but starting with your focus on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you can be very clear.

Now, remember that, NHL 17 is good. At the best moment, the game captures the unique speed and chaos of the high hockey in a very special way. Moreover, if you have enjoyed the privilege since the transition to the modern game console, this year's ice game has some real and obvious improvements NHL Coins. For example, the goalkeeper movement is more realistic. For these terms, EA Canada has produced impressive products.

But if you're primarily a gamer who likes to play alone, rather than screaming at the climax of a 13-year-old player, they're going to get stagnant. Because NHL 17 offers a variety of single player modes, there is no doubt that developers really want you to play hockey finals or EA sports hockey league.And, as a person who likes to play the game himself, I can not help but wonder if EA plans to leave a player like me.

NHL lack of high-quality single player mode can be traced back to 2014, when the developer first released the game on the latest game. Compared to their peers, Madden and FIFA-EA's two real sporting games have gained an extra year of development - the expectations for NHL 15 are high. On the contrary, this game is so naked, the basic function is still being patched after the release of a few months. As a person who is looking forward to playing NHL games on my new machine, I find it very foolish to spend $ 60 on the game apparently not finished.

Whether you want to dipping your toes

Due to the land of the Xbox One on February 17, the Rocket League already has sports and racing fans because they were released on the PS4 in July 2015.

Psyonix wisely chose not to fix the game's core game mechanics, but instead introduced the alternative model, using the "mutators" to change the game to add madness.

The Rocket League team model is great Rocket League Keys, but its one-on-one finals are competitive at another level. Your ranking is you and you alone, which means that the wrong room is very small.

Whether you want to dipping your toes into the Rocket League or trying to brush your PC Gamer Weekender in time, there are seven tips to help you dominate the duel.

The saints are still flawed in the defense group

Many news about the New Orleans saints this year is not good news. These news usually means that they are not strong competitors of the championship. However, June is the time for every team to be optimistic.

"We are building a team to win the Super Bowl championship," said Cameron Jordan, a New Orleans saint defender. "We are not building teams for the future, and it's hard not to trust our team.We are ready to win the championship now."

The saints have achieved a 7-9 record in the past three seasons. So it is easy to think that Jordan's remarks are just offseason overconfident NFL Coins. But the hope that the saints can stand up is the quarterback Drew Brees.

Jordan asked: "There is a better quarterback? You tell me how many pass history of the NFL more than 5000 yards in the season." NFL history, a total of nine quarterback to achieve this achievement season, While Brisbane accounted for five of them.

This year's offseason saints signed runaway Adrian Peterson, which means they want to reduce the burden of Brisbane. If the two future Hall of Fame players can continue to maintain the peak level, the saints will have the league's most powerful and most balanced attack.

The saints are still flawed in the defense group, especially in the linebackers and passing hits, so if they want to return to the playoffs for the first time since 2013, they need the offensive team to lead them forward.

The biggest question after the 2017 draft

The biggest question after the 2017 draft was whether the center of Nico Hischier and Nolan Patrick could be compared remotely with the best of the past two years. Connor McDowell (Edmonton Oilers) and Jack Ichel (Buffalo Saber) ranked first and second in 2015, Austen Matthews (Toronto Maple Leaf) and Patrick Ryan (Winnipeg Bo jet machine) led the draft of the year 2016. Hischier and Patrick will have a clear chance to serve as the top six roles for their new team and join the top 250 ranking based on their potential.

At the Free Arena, right-wing Alexander Lardulov was surprised to sign up with the Dallas star, featuring fantasy rankings, with the opportunity to play with Jamie Benen, Taylor Segin and Jason Spieza. Defender Kevin Shattanker will provide strength for the New York Rangers, veteran Patrick Marleau has left the San Jose Shark to join the Toronto Maple Leaf and Matthews, Mitchell Mana and William Nilande. Another KHL striker Evgeny Dadonov will return to NHL, possibly a dream sleeper with Aleksander Barkov of the Florida Panther Center.

Finally, some of the goalkeepers around the NHL have reappeared in the fantastic upside. After much improvement in Dallas, the Bishop seems ready to rejoin the top 10 or 15 in his position. Scott Darling (Carolina Hurricanes) and Antti Raanta (Coyotes) will have the opportunity to turn efficiency into the starting role of the new team. Brian Elliott (signed with Flyers), Mike Smith (trade to Calgary Flame) and Steve Mason (signed with the jet) have a call to rebound, Antti Niemi (Pittsburgh Penguin) and Ryan Miller (Anaheimer) can revitalize Own career second goalkeeper for the elite team NHL Coins.

Taking into account all these latest developments, here is NHL for the standard Yahoo Fantasy Alliance updated the top 250 players ranked. Before the opening of the NHL training camp in September, there are more deals and news, please pay attention to the summer update.

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