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Three options to fix the NFL's catch rule

Under the NFL's definition of a catch, the league was right to take away what looked to be a game-winning Jesse James touchdown catch at the end of Sunday night's Patriots-Steelers game. There are still unanswered questions -- notably, if the call was as easy as the explanations of Alberto Riveron and Tony Corrente Joe Flacco Womens Jersey have suggested, why it took what felt like 10 minutes to overturn the call -- but everyone on the league side of things seems to agree that the review was processed properly and led to the correct call. Youth Nike New York Giants #52 Jonathan Casillas Limited Olive/Camo 2017 Salute to Service NFL JerseyHere's the problem, though: Just about everyone who has watched a football game before also thinks James caught that football. Watch the replay. The Patriots defenders who surround James after the play aren't arguing it's incomplete. Bill Belichick, who would have been pictured frantically gesturing on camera in the case he thought it was a drop, isn't depicted. Jim Nantz says "there's no doubt it's going to hold up," as he and Tony Romo spend two minutes watching replays before it even occurs to them that the ball spun slightly as James hit the ground. Limited Men's John Riggins Olive Jersey: NFL Nike Washington Redskins #44 2017 Salute to ServiceThe rule was interpreted correctly, but the rule is bad. There are plenty of problems with the NFL right now, but many of them are either intractable or downright unfixable. The catch rule is not one of them. The NFL has to fix it, and that might require a totally radical sort of solution. Let's make arguments for three very different types of changes to the much-hated catch rule. While the NFL's catch rules certainly aren't perfect, they've evolved the way they have for a reason. Tangible in-game examples (like the Bert Emanuel rule) have driven practical changes to the laws over time. They're never going to fix the problem and make everyone happy all the time, but no rule on paper is ever going to address every possible in-game catch situation. As a result, the league needs to be proactive about monitoring how the rule is impacting games and be comfortable making changes every year or two accordingly. With that in mind, the league's catch rule isn't really all that bad over the first 99.9 yards of the field. Most of the complaints we've seen over the past few years, starting most memorably with the Dez Bryant catch, revolve around touchdowns and would-be touchdowns. Those plays are always going to stand out in the mind because of their importance, but they're also where the current rules seem to fall apart. The Calvin Johnson rule, so called for taking a touchdown away from one of the league's star wide receivers in Week 1 of the Paul Martin Jersey 2010 season, simply doesn't work. It leaves too much up for interpretation and offers little clarity into what receivers actually need to do to ensure a touchdown. James' catch fell short because he failed to, as Corrente described, "survive the ground." The ball moved slightly as James hit the ground, but independent of rulebook, it's clear that James caught the ball, only for it to budge slightly as he leaned forward to try to push ahead of the plane. To Womens Pierre Garcon Jersey improve matters, let's get rid of the surviving the ground rule and stop taking away touchdown catches for balls that narrowly drop slightly after a player's established contact. Runners can score touchdowns just by flashing the ball over the plane of the goal line, but receivers currently need to complete their catch to the ground to become runners and qualify for touchdowns. Under our rule change, a player becomes a runner as soon as he catches the ball and gets two feet (or one knee or elbow or cheek, as Damiere Byrd exhibited Sunday) inbounds. This rule isn't perfect, but it's an improvement. We don't have to go back to the "football move" conundrum with this change. The receiver doesn't have to turn upfield or hold on to the football until his teammates have started their synchronized celebration. If the receiver bobbles the ball on the way to the ground and never actually makes a firm catch, that's an incomplete pass. Otherwise, if he catches the ball on his feet (or back) and establishes himself inbounds, it's a catch. To go along with it, let's fix the actual worst rule in football, when a fumble through the pylon becomes a turnover and a touchback for the other team. Nobody likes this rule outside of the one game every three or four seasons in which it benefits their team. The problem is that the solution of simply giving the ball back to the offense on the 1-yard line basically gives offensive players a free opportunity to reach Womens Torey Krug Jersey for the pylon with no repercussions, given that a swatted ball near the pylon is almost always going to go out of bounds. Wholesale Jerseys From China NBA Jerseys For Sale Cheap NFL Jerseys Paypal Discount NFL JerseysWholesale NFL Jerseys Supply Wholesale Jerseys ChinaWholesale Jerseys Paypal

After signing Zack Cozart, the Angels are headed to the postseason if

After landing infielders Ian Kinsler and Zack Cozart over the past two days, the Los Angeles Angels look as if they are headed to the postseason in 2018. Given the avalanche of acquisitions the Halos have made since the season ended, that makes their general manager, Billy Eppler, the early favorite for American League Executive of the Year. It will be a resurgent year in Orange County ... Men's Nike Baltimore Ravens #87 Maxx Williams Black Alternate Vapor Untouchable Limited Player NFL JerseyIf Shohei Ohtani is healthy and lives up to his billing. Landing Ohtani was a watershed moment in the history of the Angels and there isn't a team in the majors that wouldn't have celebrated the signing of the super-talented 23-year-old two-way star. But Ohtani to prove his raw talent translates to the big leagues, and he has to prove that his elbow is sound enough to head up a rotation in need of an ace. If stick-a-fork-in-him Albert Pujols doesn't leak even more value from being required to play first base more often to make room at DH for Ohtani. If Andrelton Simmons can retain some of the offensive gains made in 2017, when his .752 OPS was 65 points better than his career average. If Cozart's defensive value holds up at third base, which seems like a pretty good bet because you always like a shortstop's chances to hold down other infield positions, and Cozart has consistently put up positive defensive metrics through his career. Still, he'll be 32 and playing for a franchise other than Cincinnati for the first time. Plus, his debut at third base for the Angels next season will be his first appearance at the hot corner in the majors or minors. L.A. needs Cozart's defensive value to hold up because his OPS during last year's career season at the plate (.933) was 217 points better than his big league norm. He might not give all of that back but, then again, Cozart is a post-peak player entering a harsher offensive environment than the one he enjoyed at Great American Ballpark. f the lineup isn't too right-handed. Right fielder Kole Calhoun could be the only lefty-hitting everyday player, depending on how often Ohtani is in the lineup and how often last year's primary third baseman, Luis Valbuena, gets to play. If the rotation enjoys a semblance of health. Asking manager Mike Scioscia to pull off the same kind of juggling act he did last season is tough. Ohtani is already an injury question mark. Matt Shoemaker threw just 77⅔ innings last season. Garrett Richards has made a total of 12 starts over the past two years. Tyler Skaggs missed all of the 2015 season, started 10 games in 2016 and spent much of 2017 battling an oblique injury. JC Ramirez had stem cell treatment after the season for a damaged ligament in his pitching elbow. You get the idea.If Parker Bridwell doesn't turn into a pumpkin. Because his peripherals suggest that he might. If the back end of the Ereck Flowers Womens Jersey bullpen holds up. And it might, thanks to breakout 2017 performer Blake Parker, hopes for a healthier Cam Bedrosian and the signing of former Brave Jim Johnson, who had a long-ball problem last season for Atlanta. If Kinsler isn't ready to fall off a cliff. After all, this is a middle infielder who turns 36 in June and lost 106 points of OPS in 2017. It might have just been an BABIP issue -- he dipped to .244. Still, you have to worry at his age that his spike in walk rate suggests a slowing bat as it sometimes does. On the bright side, Kinsler's defense still graded out well above average, even if his defensive runs saved total dipped into single digits. If the outfield defense holds up. Even though Kinsler is slowing and Cozart isn't quite as impactful at a new position, a healthy Angels team should have one of the best infield defenses in baseball. Los Angeles is also well situated in right, where Calhoun is consistently better than average and a reliable source of highlight reel fodder. Justin Upton has been a consistent performer on both outfield corners. But in center field ... we must float a sacrilegious possibility. What if Mike Trout really is more like the minus-6 DRS defender he was last season than the plus-6 he was the season before that? His downturn was backed up by Statcast, where he rated as four plays below average. Just sayin'. If Upton doesn't wilt under pressure from his newly extended contract. Simmons, Cozart and Upton all enjoyed career seasons at the plate in 2017. Upton seems less likely to regress based on his career numbers, even though his OPS did jump from .775 to .901. But his career mark is .828. However, that .775 mark in 2016 was the lowest Ethan Pocic Jersey Upton has had since his rookie season and it came on the heels of the six-year deal he signed in January of that year. That deal is the one the Angels extended this winter.

While the Lakers pine for LeBron, his next home remains a mystery

Ever since she chose her seats nearly two decades ago in second row across from the home bench at Staples Center, Los Angeles Lakers co-owner and president Jeanie Buss has entertained celebrities, business moguls and NBA power brokers there. Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig is a frequent guest. Her former fiancé Phil Jackson sat there for a half on the night Shaquille O'Neal's jersey was retired. On any night, you might find Larry David, Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Connors or P.K. Subban in that prime seat. Sitting with Buss at a Lakers game -- even for a few minutes -- is making it in L.A. Men's Pittsburgh Penguins #13 Nick Bonino Adidas Green Premier Salute To Service NHL JerseyNBA agent Rich Paul got the invitation on the night of Oct. 23. He had just settled into the third row behind the visitors bench to watch the Lakers debut of his client Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Paul, of course, also represents the biggest star in the NBA -- LeBron James -- who is expected to become a free agent after the season. And as we saw when he was a free agent in 2010 and 2014, James has the ability to change the balance of power in the entire league. Men's Replica Majestic Jorge Soler White Home Jersey - #12 MLB Kansas City Royals Cool BaseSo when Paul, wearing one of his trademark high-end leather jackets, walked over to Buss' seats and sat next to her during the first half, NBA Twitter began to buzz. Buss was sitting with LeBron James' agent. LEBRON'S AGENT! Authentic Guy Lafleur Jersey Was the fantasy of sports talk radio -- that LeBron will consider the Lakers in free agency -- legit? Or was this just another celebrity photo op at a Lakers game meant to wag the dog? Intentionally or not, LeBron has also fueled the Lakers rumors on several occasions. In July, he showed up to a Lakers summer league game in Las Vegas and sat courtside to watch Lonzo Ball in the midst of winning MVP. In September, he and his wife toured a private high school in nearby Sherman Oaks. And what about the second home in Brentwood -- the brand-new one with upgraded amenities that was even nicer than the mansion he owns on famed Rockingham Drive -- that he was in the process of purchasing? When the Lakers signed Caldwell-Pope this summer, it was widely believed that at least some of their motivation was to use the season to show him and, by extension, Paul what the Laker life was all about -- well, what the Laker life Saku Koivu Jersey was like after Buss boldly fired her brother Jim Buss and longtime general manager Mitch Kupchak in February, replaced them with Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka, who then drafted electric rookie Lonzo Ball, whose overzealous father had seemingly spoken his path to the NBA's glamour franchise into being. But Buss felt boldness was necessary after the Lakers had fallen into the lottery four years in a row. Los Angeles is a town that doesn't tolerate mediocrity for very long. Be interesting or be forgotten quickly here. And with Kobe Bryant two years into retirement, the Lakers were flirting with irrelevance. They needed new energy and Matt Martin Jersey new stars as soon as possible. Enter Ball, who has drawn comparisons to luminaries like Johnson and Jason Kidd. And enter salary cap space, which the Lakers have made little secret they intend to use to pursue superstar players -- like James and Southern California native Paul George -- in free agency next summer. James has signed three deals with the Cavs just since 2014. In each of those deals, Paul and his partner Mark Termini have prioritized getting James maximum money, not just for that season, but timing the deals so James can maximize his earning potential for the rest of his career. Their position has always been to sign for the max and to maintain maximum leverage over both James' career and the franchise. In fact, when James left the Miami Heat and returned to Cleveland in 2014, there really wasn't a negotiation at all. Paul and Termini met with his suitors -- the Suns, Lakers, Bulls, Mavericks, Heat and Cavs -- and told them to be prepared to offer a max contract and not Authentic Lucas Nogueira Jersey a penny less. If James chose their franchise, he would subsequently decide how many years he'd sign for. Several of the teams walked into the meeting without max cap space, including the Cavs, and it forced action. (Cleveland traded three players and offloaded $10 million to clear space for James in 2014.) The middle of the regular season is not the time for final decisions, but James' position on maximum contracts hasn't changed, sources said. Here's what that means: Teams who hope to pitch James next July ought to plan to have the max to offer, which is projected to be about $35 million. For now, there are no plans for James to grant a Kevin Durant-esque discount to any team so that friends can get paid or a better roster can be constructed. Something else a team will need: stars. The last time a team was able to pry James away from his hometown, it took an incumbent star, Dwyane Wade, and a joining star, Chris Bosh. Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Paypal Cheap Jerseys Online Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Paypal NHL Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale NFL Jerseys Supply Cheap Hockey Jerseys

So is it completely crazy for a team of the Chargers

caliber to be just 7-6 and have only a 47 percent chance, per FPI, to reach the playoffs? The 2017 Chargers are one Damian Jones Jersey of 16 teams since 2008 with an FPI rating between 5 and 6 following Week 14, and among those, they are one of only two to have a 7-6 record. (The 2008 Eagles, a team with a similar profile, was 7-5-1 at this stage.) Overall, those 16 teams averaged more than nine wins at this point in the season. For what it's worth: Only one team in that span with an FPI over 6 has had only seven wins at this point in the season and none has had fewer. In other words: The circumstance L.A. finds itself in is not totally crazy but certainly unusual. (Oakland Raiders Jim Plunkett Limited Nike Men's Black Jersey) NFL #16 2016 Salute to Service FPI evaluates team strength going forward, but Kevin Long Womens Jersey what about how the Chargers have actually played over their 13 games this year? For that we can use efficiency, our measure of expected points added per play that is downweighted for garbage time, adjusts for season averages and places teams on a 0-100 scale. The Chargers rank ninth this season with an efficiency of 59.45. have been 28 teams through Week 14 with an efficiency score within Brooks Robinson Jersey two points of that number through 14 weeks since 2008, and seven of them had only seven wins (including one with a tie). Nike Baltimore Ravens #5 Joe Flacco Name & Number NFL T-Shirt - PurpleNone of those teams has had a worse record than 7-6. The group averaged a little more than eight wins. So what happened to put the 2017 Chargers in this situation? Fans might be quick to point out the two late-game Younghoe Koo kicks from the first two weeks of the season. In Week 1, Koo kicked what would have been the game-tying field goal against the Broncos in the final seconds, but Denver called a timeout first, and his second kick was blocked. The following week, Koo missed what would have been a go-ahead field goal with nine seconds left against the Dolphins. Before Koo's attempt against the Broncos, Los Angeles had a 38 percent chance to win; against the Dolphins, the missed kick brought their chances of winning from 80 percent to zero. That second kick, especially, is both significant and relatively unlucky. But have the Chargers been unlucky overall this year? It's hard to say -- plenty of teams miss plenty of field goals, and plenty of fluky occurrences happen across the league on a weekly basis -- but the answer is: probably at least a little bit. Given the level at which they've played this season, the Chargers probably ought to have a better record than they do. So if L.A. reaches the playoffs, the team will likely be the biggest AFC threat to the conference's two powerhouses, the Patriots and Steelers. But the Chargers still have to get there first. For more from ESPN Analytics, visit the ESPN Analytics Index. We've reached college football bowl season, and we're one step closer to the 2018 NFL draft. In fact, the deadline for underclassmen to declare for the draft is a month away, on Jan. 15. In this edition of my Big Board for next year's draft, I've added the Heisman Trophy winner for the first time, plus a defender from the SEC who has really had a strong season. There are a few other changes from 1 to 25, too. A reminder about my Big Board: I'm projecting to the NFL. This is about much more than stats. My projections are based on size, athletic ability, statistics and what I hear from people around the league. Speaking of size, what's listed here is provided by the schools. These numbers could vary greatly when players show up at the NFL combine. True height and weight matter a lot for almost every position. Note: One asterisk denotes the player is a junior, and two asterisks denote the player is a redshirt sophomore for the 2017 season. Barkley is a lights-out athlete with tremendous balance, a great lower body and quick feet. He had 1,728 yards from scrimmage and 19 total touchdowns in the regular season, and he rushed for 1,496 yards and 18 touchdowns last season and 1,076 yards as a freshman. Barkley (5-foot-11, 230 pounds) also will help in the passing game. He had 47 catches this season after having 48 in his first two seasons at Penn State combined. I he'll run under a 4.4 40-yard dash and test well at the combine. Barkley could be a top-five pick in 2018, and he's going to get Elandon Roberts Womens Jersey an elite grade from me.

Bears' Mitchell Trubisky ready for rematch against Lions

DETROIT -- Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains hinted that Mitchell Trubisky might have the green light to challenge Detroit's secondary on Saturday. Men's Authentic Majestic Carlos Rodon Green Jersey - #55 MLB Chicago White Sox Salute To ServiceThe Bears have been relatively conservative with Trubisky much of the season, but the offense loosened up in last week's 33-7 victory against Cincinnati. Trubisky passed for 271 yards (25 of 32) and one touchdown in what most consider the best all-around performance of his rookie season. The most impressive Authentic Melker Karlsson Jersey part of Trubisky's afternoon at Paul Brown Stadium his accuracy, but the first-year quarterback even began to push the ball further downfield as Chicago's lead grew over the beleaguered Bengals, who played without several members of their starting secondary. The biggest beneficiary of Chicago's slightly expanded vertical passing game was veteran receiver Kendall Wright, who caught a season-high 10 passes for 107 yards. "It's finally getting to the point where you saw the chemistry between him and Kendall -- kind of taking it to another level there," Loggains told reporters this week. "He's played with each one of these receivers now for a couple weeks and I think we were more aggressive in the game and that was our plan going into it. I don't know if it was anything more than trusting those guys and their preparation and they were ready to take the next step that way." Trubisky targeted eight different players in the win against Cincinnati. "The more you can throw with a person and you're teammates the better you're going to get," Trubisky said. "You're just going to build that chemistry and we've really just gotten on the same page and been able to trust each other. The more routes you run the better the timing is." Of course, the Lions (7-6) are a different animal -- literally and figuratively. Detroit is still very much alive in the NFC playoff picture, and they've successfully defended their home field against the Bears since 2012. Trubisky, however, completed 18 of 30 passes for 179 yards, one touchdown and rushed for 53 yards in the Bears' 27-24 loss to Detroit on Nov. 19. Trubisky believes he can build off the first meeting against the Lions. "It will be good because we've got a lot of film on them, especially from the matchup we played them," Trubisky said. "So preparation is very important this week, just getting a good tell on them, what they've been running. So really first, second down and third down is going to be crucial. We want to stay on the field to again convert third downs and come away with more points. Last time a couple times the penalties got us and that one turnover. So we're just going to take care of the football and play our game and hopefully we can take all of the positives we did from the last game and carry them over to this game coming up." It's a good thing for the Los Angeles Chargers that Bill Parcells' famous line -- "You are what your Ron Greschner Jersey record says you are" -- isn't exactly true. Your record is what your record is, but that isn't a perfect indication of how good a team is. Inherently, fans know this. That's why people don't question when one team is favored against another that has a better record. It's also part of the reason there is so much buzz around the Chargers right now, despite L.A.'s newest franchise being 7-6. The Chargers appear to be better than their record. There John Collins Womens Jersey are a few reasons for that, including the fact that L.A. is 7-2 in its last nine games after starting the season 0-4. But even besides that, the buzz is warranted. Los Angeles' AFC team has a Football Power Index (FPI) rating of plus-5.5, which means it is, according to the model, 5.5 points per game better than an average team and the fifth-best team in the NFL going forward despite being only 7-6. That's the same record, by the way, that the Bills have, despite Buffalo's FPI rating of minus-5.8, the fourth worst in the league. The Chargers' success stems mostly from pass plays on both sides of the ball. The passing offense and passing defense rank fourth and third, respectively, in expected points added per play this season.

LeBron James' triple-double leads Cavaliers past Lonzo Ball's Lakers

CLEVELAND -- After LeBron James posted his 59th career triple-double and held off a pesky Los Angeles Lakers team, several players from both teams gathered near midcourt. James shook hands with several of the young Lakers one by one before searching through the crowd for Lonzo Ball. Once James found the rookie, he talked to Ball while covering his mouth with his jersey as cameras focused in on the two. Ball listened intently. Youth Nike Limited Matthew Ioannidis Washington Redskins Olive Jersey: NFL 2017 Salute to Service #98In their first game against each other, James not only got a triple-double and handed Ball and the Lakers a 121-112 loss against his Cleveland Cavaliers, but he gave Ball perhaps something even more invaluable with that moment at the end of the game. Ball grew up idolizing James, and here was the best player on the planet taking time to talk to the rookie and sharing something that Ball already was holding on to dearly. "None of y'all business," James said when asked what he said. Not even the polite Ball would reveal the conversation, saying, "He didn't tell me anything." John Elway Women's Elite Green Super Bowl 50 Bound Jersey: Nike NFL Denver Broncos Salute to Service #7One thing is clear: James likes Ball. He took the time to watch Ball and the Lakers play in the summer league in Las Vegas, tweeted the rookie happy birthday in October and has repeatedly praised Ball. And he says Ball is "someone that you want to play with." In his first game against Ball and the Lakers this season, James tied Larry Bird Brad Marchand Authentic Jersey at sixth on the all-time triple-doubles list with 25 points, 12 rebounds and 12 assists. Kevin Love had a game-high 28 points and 11 rebounds. But in the loss, the Lakers may have come away with something that could be much more valuable Dwight Clark Womens Jerseythan a win -- Ball and the young Lakers gave James a glimpse of the future in Los Angeles. Ball flirted with his own triple-double with 13 points, 11 assists and 8 rebounds with 6 turnovers. Brandon Ingram was impressive with 26 points, 6 assists and 6 rebounds while knocking down three 3-pointers. Rookie Josh Hart, in his first start for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (not with the team due to personal reasons), Christian Dvorak Authentic Jersey posted a career-high 11 points and 10 rebounds. Kyle Kuzma had 20 points and seven rebounds. This was James' first up-close look at the young Lakers and their developing pair of No. 2 overall picks from the past two drafts in Ingram and Ball. There has been plenty of speculation over James' future, since he's expected to become a free agent this summer. The Lakers want to pursue two star free agents this summer, with James at the top of their wish list. Until James makes a decision on his future, the Lakers will be one of the potential destinations linked to the best player in the world, whose agent, Rich Paul, also represents Caldwell-Pope, who is signed to a one-year, $18-million deal. Obviously, the Lakers (10-17) want to win. But team president Magic Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka had to love what they saw on Thursday. Their young talent showcased their potential in front of James and didn't back down against a team that has won 16 of its last 17. Ingram put his developing game on display and rebounded in a big way from his worst game of the season in New York where he went 2-for-12 with five points. In Cleveland, he made nine of his first 10 shots and had 23 points in his first 25 minutes. He did his usual attacking of the rim, but also hit a couple of 3s and stop-and-pop midrange jumpers. And on one impressive play, Ball grabbed a defensive rebound and immediately flicked a rainbow bomb up the court to a streaking Ingram for a layup. Ball was even hitting some of his shots from the perimeter, knocking down 3 of 8 3-pointers. During one stretch in the third quarter, he hit a 3, Ingram knocked down a 3, and then Ball buried another trey. Kuzma wouldn't stop going at the Cavs, scoring 12 of his points in the fourth quarter even as the Cavs had Andre Smith Jersey the game under control. Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson continued to be impressive off the bench and Hart made the most of his first start. Six Lakers scored in double-figures, and they kept playing hard all the way down to the end like they surprisingly have for most of this season, something James surely can appreciate. The Lakers just seem to make enough mistakes or fail to make enough shots or secure enough rebounds in the crucial moments to lose several of these close games -- something a superstar can help correct. "They get the ball up the floor," James said. "No matter on makes and misses. I said that before we played our last game, that if you don't get back in transition, they're going to make you pay because they look up the floor, and they've got a lot of guys, young guys too, that get up and run up and down. They exploited that at some points of the game tonight." NHL Jerseys Cheap MLB Baseball Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Paypal Basketball Jerseys For Sale Wholesale Jerseys NFL MLB Baseball Jerseys NFL Jerseys Authentic

The 10 most effective #ProBowlVote tweets

Among other ways, fans could vote with the touch of a button on social media. Retweeting a verified team or player account with the hashtag #ProBowlVote counted as a vote. What follows are the 10 most retweeted posts that fit this criteria, based on ESPN research. These players will not necessarily make the Pro Bowl, but their candidacies have all received boosts from their energetic fans. The short version: The Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys, and their fans bases, are pretty good at Twitter. Men's #53 Nike Limited Nick Perry Olive/USA Flag NFL Jersey - Green Bay Packers 2017 Salute to Service CB Damarious Randall, Packers Randall is tied for sixth in the NFL with four interceptions, but the Packers' first-round draft pick in 2015 has had his share of issues this season. Most notably, he was benched during a Week 4 game against the Chicago Bears. He was not on the sideline during the second half of that game, which the team attributed to an "internal matter." Thomas is annually one of the NFL's top special-teams players and Womens George Iloka Jersey is seeking recognition for those efforts. He ranks sixth in the NFL this season with 12 special-teams tackles, per ESPN Stats & Information. Switzer, a rookie, ranks No. 3 in the NFL in kickoff returns (25.95) and is another special-teams candidate. He also averages 9.38 yards on 21 punt returns, including one for a touchdown. Adams is tied for second in the NFL with nine touchdown receptions, to go along with 69 total receptions for 828 yards. He is on pace for his first 1,000-yard season after finishing 2016 with 997 receiving yards. Adams' teammate is referencing the latest of Adams' key touchdowns: The winning score in overtime during Week 14 against the Cleveland Browns. Since the start of the 2016 season, Adams has 21 touchdown receptions -- tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers' Antonio Brown for most in the NFL over that period. Tied for the best record in the NFC (10-3), the Vikings have plenty of Pro Bowl candidates. Defensive end Everson Griffen ranks third in the NFL with 13 sacks, for example, and receiver Adam Thielen is Womens Darcy Kuemper Jersey tied for third with 1,161 receiving yards. Worth noting: The Vikings did not include quarterback Case Keenum, a pending free agent, on this list. Prescott hasn't looked as sharp in his second season, but the suspension of tailback Ezekiel Elliott has eliminated a key player from the Cowboys' offense. He does rank No. 5 in the NFL in Total Quarterback Rating (67.1), but he is No. 16 in passing yards (2,752) and tied for No. 10 in touchdown passes (21). There are a lot of people who want to see Thomas get recognition. It's not difficult to understand why. Since the start of the 2014 season, he has a league-high 55 special-teams tackles. The folks at Pro Football Focus are among those who think Thomas belongs in the Pro Bowl, calling him one of the best vises in the game. (A "vise" is the defender who tries to slow a "gunner," who is trying to reach the returner, on punt plays.)Now that Arizona Cardinals running back Adrian Peterson's status for the rest of the 2017 season has been decided, it's time to look ahead at his future. ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reported late Thursday night that Peterson will be put on injured reserve because of the neck injury that Vincent Valentine Youth jersey has kept him sidelined since Week 12, when he hurt it against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Peterson has not practiced or played since. Retirement: Should Peterson decide to hang up his cleats, the countdown clock for his gold-jacket fitting will begin ticking instantly. He has turned in a Hall of Fame résumé, despite missing most of the 2014 season for a child-abuse scandal and having seven injuries that have cost him valuable on-field time since he was drafted in 2007. He missed 11 games in 2016 with the Minnesota Vikings because of a knee injury and will miss the final five games of 2017 with the neck injury. A tumultuous season in which he started with the New Orleans Saints, playing four games, and finished with six games for Arizona resulted in the fewest yards -- 529 -- of his career in which he has played at least 10 games. Cheap Jerseys Usa Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys From China NBA Jerseys Cheap MLB Jerseys Usa

Even when they win, Broncos can't escape quarterback question

INDIANAPOLIS -- In a migraine-inducing season when the biggest pain has been caused by the almost weekly uncertainty at quarterback, the Denver Marqise Lee Youth jersey Broncos had yet another reason to chase down the dump-truck-sized bottle of aspirin Thursday night. (Los Angeles Rams Greg Zuerlein Game Nike Women's Navy Blue Jersey) NFL Home #4 The Broncos left Lucas Oil Stadium with a 25-13 victory over the Indianapolis Colts -- their fifth of the season and second in a row -- with two injured quarterbacks and a player in Brock Osweiler they had pulled out of the lineup last month just after they fired their offensive coordinator in Mike McCoy. Youth Replica Majestic Josh Reddick White Home Jersey - #22 MLB Houston Astros Cool BaseAnd if there is anything that sums up Denver's struggles on offense, in pass protection, with turnovers and with the Adrian Wilson Jersey continued musical quarterbacks behind center, it was another evening of the Broncos trying to do all they could to cobble something together with another change at the position where change causes the most difficulty. Trevor Siemian got the start Thursday and was only three pass attempts into his evening's work when he was intercepted for the 14th time this season and the 10th time in a road game. And by the time the Broncos had finished their next possession, Siemian had been sacked twice, the second by the Colts' Barkevious Mingo, who caught Siemian from behind as Siemian fell on his left shoulder. It was same shoulder Siemian had surgically repaired this past offseason. X-rays were negative, and Logan Couture Youth jersey the Broncos (5-9) believe Siemian suffered a dislocated shoulder that will likely end his season. He will undergo an MRI on Friday to gauge the severity of the injury. But the Broncos already had Paxton Lynch recovering from an ankle injury that forced Siemian back in the lineup three weeks ago against the Oakland Raiders. Lynch, who was a game-day inactive against the Colts, did some throwing before kickoff but was still moving rather gingerly on his ankle. So in the immediate future, the Broncos really have one healthy quarterback in Osweiler, with Lynch a maybe and Siemian Paul Millsap Jerseya no-go. If they need another arm for depth after they gauge Lynch's progress through the weekend, the possibility of finding a quarterback who could run the team's offense in a game situation is not all that great. It again puts the Broncos in a quarterback quagmire where nothing is a guarantee, where all three have entered, and then exited, the lineup. For his part, Osweiler was coolly efficient against the Colts' struggling defense -- Indianapolis (3-11) entered the game ranked No. 30 in total defense, No. 31 in scoring defense -- as he led the Broncos on four scoring drives after he entered the game. He finished 12-of-17 for 194 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions; he also ran 18 yards for a score. Osweiler's 54-yard touchdown pass to Jeff Heuerman was even the Broncos' longest play on offense this season. It all means the Broncos continue to show some quality grit after they've been officially eliminated from the playoffs, with good work in the run game -- they ground out 213 yards on 45 carries Thursday -- and some teeth on defense. And first-year head coach Vance Joseph -- who has made no secret he will approach every game as a must-win -- has gotten two in a row now. Joseph needs a strong finish to maintain his grip on the locker room, on the job, and simply because he can't keep telling the players to "trust the process" if they don't get a reward or two down the stretch. The offense has run the ball more than passed it in Denver's five victories, playing closer to its true identity after it became too late to matter. Meanwhile, the quarterbacks -- sometimes seemingly miscast -- have found so much struggle, so much uncertainty. It has been the biggest question mark since a 3-1 start dissolved into that eight-game losing streak. It will be the biggest question mark in the coming days with Lynch and Siemian both injured. And Thursday night, a win aside, confirmed -- again -- it will be the biggest question mark of the offseason.Fan voting for the NFL Pro Bowl was scheduled to end Thursday, a process that once again allowed the public to provide one-third of the input for determining 2018 rosters. We'll need to wait until after coaches and players vote to find out the full results, but for now we can see who got the most traction during a fun portion of the public balloting.

For Cardinals, Ozuna should be just the beginning

And if the Redbirds are going to close the gap between themselves and the NL mini-dynasties in Chicago and Los Angeles, Wednesday's no-brainer trade for Marcell Ozuna was an essential one. But it can't be their final move, either. The theme of baseball's offseason has been deliberation. Lots of smoke, but little fire. Lots of whispers, but few declarations. The Cardinals, along with the Giants, have been among the NL's most aggressive in their winter expeditions, though each had little to show for it. But after missing out on big fish Giancarlo Stanton, the successful reeling in of Ozuna has put St. Louis back in the conversation. Limited Men's Blaine Gabbert Black Jersey: NFL Nike Arizona Cardinals #7 2016 Salute to ServiceOne common theme in the parallel sagas of Stanton and Shohei Dave Keon Authentic Jersey Ohtani, the two-way Japanese phenom who signed with the Los Angeles Angels last week, was that they both ended up in the American League. The Cubs and the Dodgers, who are in the mix for just about any elite player that pops up in the transaction marketplace these days, might not have landed either star. But then again, neither did any of their primary contenders in the NL. Men's Nike Chicago Bears #52 Christian Jones Game Navy Blue Alternate NFL JerseyThe Cubs and Dodgers have combined for five of the last six available slots in the NLCS. Entering the winter meetings, they were favorites to make it seven of eight in 2018. According to the forecasts at, Chicago and L.A. rank one-two in projected WAR in the NL. That remains the case even after the moves made this week in central Florida. In those same forecasts, the Cardinals rank fourth, about 2.5 WAR shy of the third-place Washington Nationals. It has been a quiet week at meetings for Washington but that certainly won't be the case next year, when Bryce Harper hits free agency (unless the Nationals sign him to an extension -- talks which Harper's agent, Scott Boras, said on Wednesday have at least been acknowledged in his communications with the team). But consider the possibilities of what happens if Harper does leave. The likely favorites to land him would be the Cubs and Dodgers, with the AL's Yankees and Red Sox figuring in, as they always do. There would be other teams emerging to try to make a run -- the Phillies stand out as a possibility -- but the outcome could be a nightmare scenario for anyone hoping for near-term parity in the National League. Who would be left to challenge the Cubs and Dodgers? The Cardinals, that's who -- at least Authentic Davon House Jersey if they can parlay the Ozuna Womens Thomas Chabot Jersey acquisition into a leap back into ranks of the elite, a status St. Louis has not enjoyed the past two seasons.One chief difference between landing Stanton and Ozuna is certainty. The primary caveat to Stanton's on-field prognosis is health, a concern born from a five-year stretch when his availability was weighed down by a string of unrelated injuries. For Ozuna, the bigger concern is consistency. Last year was really the first in which he put it all together, with 37 homers and 124 RBIs while posting a .924 OPS in a home park that is a drag on hitters. His career-high OPS before that was just .773. That's not a bad player by any stretch, but the knock on the Cardinals the past couple of years has been that they had a lineup full of "not bad" players but lacked the focal point that could bring it all together, the kind St. Louis had for years in Albert Pujols. The 2017 version of Ozuna would be exactly that kind of focal point. The pre-2017 version would be only a marginal upgrade over the likes of Tommy Pham, Stephen Piscotty and Dexter Fowler. Of course, St. Louis is betting that Ozuna has entered the peak years of his career. Next year Jonathan Allen Jersey will be his age-27 season, always a leading contender to become a hitter's career peak, and with one more year of arbitration eligibility left after the coming season, Ozuna has the motivation of future riches powering his game. ast season, the Cardinals had a team OPS+ of 99, just below average. If Ozuna replicates or improves his 2017 production, St. Louis should challenge the Dodgers, Cubs and Nationals for the status as the league's best offense. (The 2017 NL leader in team OPS+? The Marlins. That will not be the case in 2018.) But even if the Cardinals tack on, say, 40 runs to their 2017 total thanks to Ozuna's addition, those four additional wins still leave them more likely to be a wild-card contender than a prime threat to the elite. Assuming the Cardinals keep Ozuna in an outfield corner, he might upgrade the St. Louis defense as well, though that's not a given since the Redbirds ranked second in the league in defensive runs saved as it was. More important to St. Louis' status as contenders is what happens to its pitching. The Cardinals' team ERA+ (107) was stronger, relative to the league, than the team's OPS+, but it's a showing that might be hard to repeat. Lance Lynn is a free agent. Adam Wainwright is 36 and Miles Mikolas, signed from Japan, is a promising but unproven new piece to the rotation. Top prospect Alex Reyes will have to be eased back in after elbow surgery. The rotation needs more depth and bullpen needs more arms, and it's likely these needs will be addressed in future Hot Stove machinations. Jerseys Supply Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale Jerseys ChinaCheap NFL Jerseys Paypal Cheap NFL Jerseys Paypal NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Paypal

For Steelers, battle with Tom Brady begins before ball

PITTSBURGH -- Tom Brady doesn't defeat the Steelers with his arm. After five meetings with the Patriots quarterback, defensive end Cam Heyward knows that Brady wins plays as he stands over center. "He breaks you down before the play’s even snapped," Heyward said. Limited Ronnie Stanley Youth Olive Nike Jersey - #79 NFL Baltimore Ravens 2017 Salute to ServiceBrady has had a special kind of success against Pittsburgh. His passer rating of 114.2 against the Steelers is his highest among NFL opponents he has played more than five times. In his past seven games against Pittsburgh, Brady has 22 touchdowns, zero interceptions and six wins. A catalyst for Kasperi Kapanen Authentic Jersey that success is Brady's ability to play the chess game at the line of scrimmage, placing the onus on Mike Tomlin, the Steelers defensive staff and the team's veteran players to set their best game plan of the season. Traditionally, Brady has been ready for most anything Pittsburgh throws his way. Pittsburgh caused Brady problems in a 2011 win with a variation of man coverage, which the Steelers say they are equipped to run in 2017. But generally, Brady knows that he can find completions based on the defense's look, and he can step through the pass rush, Heyward said. He makes the appropriate checks at the line of scrimmage and knows what plays work well against Pittsburgh. The Steelers' ability to adapt, both in game prep and in real time, could decide which team gets home-field advantage for the playoffs. "You have to be willing to play the game with him, have some checks for him," Heyward said. "But at the same time, you want to be able to not be dictated to but dictate to him." Mike Tomlin has delivered that message to his defense, which believes it has emerged from last year's AFC title game loss to New England bigger -- and stronger. Pittsburgh ranks in the NFL's top six in scoring defense, passing defense and sacks. The loss of Ryan Shazier to a spinal injury has left Pittsburgh scrambling for help at inside linebacker, but the potential return of corner Joe Haden would bolster the secondary. To validate that newfound strength, the Steelers must combat Brady's ability to change the pace of the offense. Tomlin considers that an "awesome" part of Brady's game, especially when fully stocked with an arsenal of running backs who can take handoffs or line up wide. The Steelers struggled with Brady's no-huddle offense last year in Foxboro, something defensive end Tyson Alualu, a former Jacksonville Jaguar, understands. The first-year Steeler remembers Brady once breaking off a frenzied, 14-play scoring drive against Jacksonville that left him uneasy. Alualu knows the best way to combat such an attack is to follow the Miami Dolphins' blueprint from Monday's 27-20 win: Hit him and hit him often. “You want to affect him, whether that’s getting quarterback sacks so that he can’t just sit there and make the throw and make it easy for him," Alualu said. "Especially for Brady, that’s even more of an emphasis.” When Brady Alex Galchenyuk Jersey has a clean pocket, he likes to capitalize with quick starts. Cornerback Artie Burns learned that last year in Foxboro by glancing at the scoreboard and seeing a 10-0 deficit in the first quarter. The Steelers set out to eliminate big plays and control the pace with Le'Veon Bell, but they did neither after Bell got injured. "Once you get behind Tom, most times guys don’t ever come back from that," Burns said. "You have to make an effort to start early on him, settle down on him early." The Steelers praise Brady without hesitation. Heyward called him "the benchmark of what we go off of ... the guy every QB measures themselves [against]." Safety Mike Mitchell called him "the GOAT." Tomlin gets all that, but he doesn't sound eager to feed into the storyline. He'd rather limit Womens T.J. McDonald Jersey his team's mistakes than worry about Brady's greatness. “They are really good. They’ve got great continuity. Tom Brady’s Tom Brady. You can talk all day about that,” Tomlin said. “What are we going to do at the line of scrimmage prior to the ball snapping. What are we going to do to improve our overall readiness and detail in our play? I think therein lies the discussion. You can waste a lot of man hours and not getting a lot accomplished worried about what he’s going to do prior to the snap.” With quarterback Tyrod Taylor (knee) a full participant in Wednesday's practice and on track to play against Miami, the focus shifts to the status of running back LeSean McCoy (knee) and wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin (knee), who were both limited in practice. On Thursday, coach Sean McDermott is expected to address whether either injury puts the two at risk of not playing Sunday. -- Mike Rodak Wholesale NBA Jerseys Basketball Jerseys For Sale Hockey Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Online NHL Jerseys Cheap