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Solid wood floor choose and buy

Solid wood adds up to a floor to upright at real wood floor and aggrandizement between compound floor, have indeed of wooden floor beautiful the stability that reachs aggrandizement floor, the price is relatively substantial, get consumer favors. Solid wood joins a floor board how choose and buy, consumer compares a care. Today, having nearly 20 years of floors to make weather pattern floor board of the history, will explain solid wood to add up to small doohickey of floor choose and buy for everybody, be at ease with helping consumer buy product.

Smell odour

The solid wood with good base material adds up to a floor to be able to send out a ligneous faint scent. And compound floor can give out the real wood with bad base material powerful pungent odour. The reporter takes two wood floor to be put to the front of nose randomly, what give out together among them is pungent odour invites a reporter immediately pursy brows. Consumer mights as well when the choose and buy also stand by the odour that smells a floor, did not buy inferior floor board.

Weight of weigh in hand

Good solid wood adds up to floor density taller, the grain of cross section is exquisite and even, grain is little and close fact. The solid wood with poor quality joins a floor board, grain of its cross section is big and few and far between, the surface is extremely rough. Reoccupy hand weigh in hand its weight, because density is big,good solid wood joins a floor board, feel is heavier also. Good solid wood adds up to floor density tall, feel is heavier.

See wood grain

High-grade solid wood adds up to floor grain definition tall, colors is vividder, connect wooden grain scar and grain detail to differ with real wood even very few. And the wooden floor printing with poorer quality is curt and inflexible, grain is coarse and ambiguous. Consumer can touch the face of wooden floor with the hand, no matter be wood grain,good solid wood joins a floor board still is tactility overturned the planar effect of common floor, stereo sense is stronger.

Read bar code

Normal solid wood joins a floor board, floor the reverse side can imprint not only the brand that has a brand, still have the news such as revolution of the model of the floor, wear-resisting and environmental protection grade, let consumer be clear at a glance.

In addition, normal solid wood adds up to a floor to be able to reach the environmental protection level of E0 class commonly, however some of undesirable businessman can hit edge ball, hit digital “0” into English letter , intentional misdirect consumer.

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radiation coating

Study on the law and application of high temperature infrared heat radiation is of great significance to the energy saving of the furnace. It is very important for the rational design of heat transfer in the furnace, which is more important for the energy saving and emission reduction.creating shade outdoors

High-temperature radiation energy-saving coating based on a variety of substances on the spectrum, heat reflection and absorption of the law and the basic law of radiation research, fully absorb absorption, reflection and radiation synergies between the use of special process modified nano-materials, With a high thermal energy of the structure of the coating.easy install wood plastic composite

High temperature far infrared radiation coating, exclusive patented technology, using Zhisheng Weihua special high temperature solution, the temperature can reach 1800 ℃, the color is dark green, breaking the traditional black body radiation, relative to the black body radiation, dark green radiation energy-saving coating to increase the emissivity Ε> 0.93, the coating performance is more stable, the aging resistance increased by 2 times, the wear resistance is 50%, the furnace energy saving rate is increased by 30%.How to Build a Wooden Handrail for Steps

environmental protection

"Environmental" future development of the mainstream paint, environmental protection will be abandoned environmental development trend Since the successive exposure of serious quality problems after the incident, the paint industry on the emergence of the so-called green proof.6 inch bender board for landscape

However, almost overnight, many of the paint business is not only marked green production, but also marked their own products is super green organic products. Need to be implemented in environmental protection Today, the paint industry has begun to enter a high-speed development period, the development of paint enterprises, environmental protection is inevitable.what is the cheapest way to recover backyard floor

And the decoration of the largest associated formaldehyde emission has become a measure of home environmental protection is an important indicator. If the paint business can provide excellent quality, environmental standards and even meet a higher level of paint products, will also be a large number of consumers of all ages.laminate flooring front door threshold

look for PVC covered composite

Composite decking materials have been around a while now and their popularity has plateaued. Composite materials are made from various post-consumer products like plastics and woods. They will last longer than wood with less maintenance but they have some cons of their own.

Composite decking materials are known to allow mold growth. This will depend on your climate and can easily be washed off but it is something to keep in mind. Composite decks will, also, expand and contract much more, with the temperature changes, than wood. This is rarely a problem for homeowners, however. The color can fade quickly with composite boards and some styles are quite slick when they get wet. PVC decking materials are relatively new to the market but have already left their mark.

PVC is virtually, maintenance free and can be cleaned with a garden hose. PVC decking materials now come in several different colors, including earth tones so you don't have to settle for white vinyl. PVC will be more expensive than other materials to build with but it will last much longer and require much less maintenance. To reduce the cost a little, you can look for PVC covered composite. Some of these simply, have PVC covering one side to protect it from the weather.

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