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HELP us HELP you!;-)

Thank you for joining Bollywooddating.in!;-)  Our goal is simple: 

"Finding the LOVE of your LIFE shouldn't cost you a dime! However, keeping the LOVE of your LIFE might COST YOU EVERYTHING!;-)" By Vincent Jaquet France

So, that's why using our dating site is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

However, HELP us HELP you on your NEW JOURNEY by making sure that YOU POST at least ONE PICTURE! No ONE is SERIOUSLY going to DATE someone THEY CAN'T SEE!

ALSO, please make sure you INCLUDE THE CITY that you LIVE IN with your PROFILE! Just POSTING your COUNTRY doesn't help ANYONE in knowing if it's WORTH THEIR TIME in truly reaching OUT TO YOU! 

You will hopefully ATTRACT what you ARE WILLING to PUT OUT! If that's NOT MUCH, Then YOU WILL TRULY understand YOUR RESULTS! 

ALWAYS REMEMBER: "The foundation of TRUE LOVE is SELF LOVE!;-)" By Vincent Jaquet France

Hi everyone!;-)

I hope you enjoy the FREE SERVICES of this dating site!;-). However, please be mindful & respectful of others while on this site. Please, no nude, nasty or offensive pictures or you will find yourself deleted from this site! In addition, please don't upload any copyrighted or trademarked material to this site or that will get you deleted as well! Posting your own personal videos, music and pictures is fine! Please just use good common sense & respect! Thank you for joining and we hope you find the love & relationship you're looking for!;-)

If you have any issues with the site or just have wonderful ideas for the site please let me know!

Thank you again for joining Bollywooddating.in and we hope that you find the relationship and the love that you seek!;-)

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