To the interleague 2K MT

To the interleague 2K MT

To the interleague ==NBA 2K MT ==matchup on Opening Day for at least a decade.But we're used to it. The rage against it and, oh, there was rage is now limited to an occasional eye roll.Wild CardUsed-to-it ranking: 9There was something lost, don't get me wrong. There used to be a special pride about winning the division, and before that, a special, special pride that

came with winning the pennant. When I was a kid, I used to wonder about Bobby Thomson's Shot Heard Around the World because it came right before the Giants lost the World Series. How could everyone be so happy just to win a pennant? It sounds like a stupid question, but kids can be really stupid. Back then, winning a pennant wasn't a necessary

step to something better. It was the goal.That's gone, and in its place, we have a lot more people caring about baseball in September. The snowflake quality of each pennant and division title has been diminished, but more people care. There's more hope, more excitement. It's not the NBA or NHL, where half the teams make the postseason, under-

.500 clubs ==2K MT== included, yet it's still more inclusive. It's the right balance.Second Wild CardUsed-to-it ranking: 9Because once we got used to the Wild Card, the biggest quibble became how the Wild Card teams were penalized by not having an extra home game in the LDS and LCS. It seemed unfair to treat them like a normal No. 4 seed against teams that

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