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Dec 7 2017 at 08:55

ALLEN PARK, Mich. Nike Air Max 97 Mens . -- A group of former Penn State Nittany Lions players released a statement Tuesday condemning Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levys comments that breaking Joe Paternos leg in 2006 was his proudest moment in college.We find the recent statement by DeAndre Levy about Coach Paterno appalling, along with the silence that has accompanied it, a statement from former Penn State players said in the Detroit Free Press. To joyfully and proudly take credit for hurting a defenseless human being is sad, in and of itself.But, to couple this gleeful statement with a willful ignorance of the facts and circumstances surrounding our coach speaks to a complete lack of character and moral integrity on the part of Mr. Levy. Mr. Levys comments reflect poorly on him, his university, the Detroit Lions and the NFL, and are certainly deserving of vocal condemnation.The letter, according to the Free Press, was signed by Hall of Fame running back Franco Harris and 20 other former Nittany Lions players.In an interview with Mens Journal last week, Levy called Paterno a dirtbag for his alleged role in the cover-up of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal.?Levy was involved in a play that broke Paternos leg during a 2006 game when Wisconsin played the Nittany Lions.That dirtbag, man, Levy told Mens Journal. Weve gotta stop prioritizing sports over humanity. Just because somebody can throw a football or coach football, theyre excluded from their wicked acts.Levy has been outspoken against domestic violence and sexual abuse, recently raising more than $30,000 to test neglected rape kits and hire investigators to try and find suspects based on the found evidence in Detroit.Levy has taken on a role of being a male voice fighting sexual assault -- something that has mattered to him as he has taken on more of a social activist role.Lions coach Jim Caldwell, who coached at Penn State under Paterno, has long considered the old Penn State coach a mentor and last week said his players can think what they want.Really, I think Ive gone on record many times about how I feel about Joe, Caldwell said. And in regard to our players making their statement about how they feel, Id be hypocritical to tell you anything other than the fact that they can express their opinion.We dont all necessarily agree with it. Nike 97 Trainers .5 million, one-year contract on Friday. Hawkins, who turns 41 in December, will compete with Rex Brothers for the closers role at spring training. Nike Air Max 97 Womens . The formidable trio of Canadian receivers -- individually known as Chris Getzlaf, Rob Bagg and Andy Fantuz -- will share the field at Mosaic Stadium one more time on Sunday. www.airmax97silverforsale.com/ . Isner, ranked No. 14, won his eighth career singles title and took the title in New Zealand for the second time after his victory in 2010. The match was similar to Isners quarterfinal victory over fifth-seeded Philipp Kohlschreiber which went to three sets, all tiebreaks and contained no breaks of serve. Its probably time to eject skipper from the baseball lexicon. The word is just too inadequate. The modern manager is so much more than the captain of a ship. He is a counselor, a teacher, a leader, a thinker, a storyteller, a cheerleader and a bearer of news, both good and bad.If theres one thing this epic World Series has demonstrated, its that the Cubs and Indians are here because of their managers. Its not just a coincidence that two storied Midwestern franchises with Cs on their uniforms are facing each other in the seventh game, hoping to finally write a happy ending. Its also a dazzling demonstration of how the manager has evolved in modern baseball.Joe Maddon and Terry Francona are both Italian-American, both close to their families, both from small, working-class, Pennsylvania towns. Theyre not exactly alike -- the ready-for-his-close-up Joe likes fine wine; the self-effacing Tito fondly recalls Boones Farm -- but they share a sensibility for their players, a willingness to think outside the box and a gift for expressing their thoughts honestly and humorously.Take the obligatory news conferences they gave before Game 6. Asked how Cleveland has differed from Boston, with which he won two championships, Francona said, I mean, there were a lot of times [in Boston] I thought my name was, You Suck because thats all I ever heard.Maddon used the forum to make a proposal: I think there should be two forms of Twitter. There should be the positive form of Twitter and the negative form, and you have to choose one ... There needs to be Twitter police because theres so much negativity thats generated on a daily basis.They are both turning postseason baseball into a breathtaking battle of wits. Jim Leyland, the longtime manager who helped bridge old school to new school, knows them well.They have been brilliant, he said. The way theyve used their bullpens, the way theyve focused on the importance of that nights game ... Im enjoying the hell out of this.Cubs president Theo Epstein, who hired Francona over Maddon when he made him the Red Sox manager in 2004, then hired Maddon when he became available after the 2015 season, sees similar basic qualities in both men.They both allow players to be themselves, and theyre not afraid to turn convention on its head, Epstein said. Oh, there are differences. Nike Air Max 97 Gold. Joe believes in balancing baseball with outside experiences, and Tito loves nothing more than to get to the clubhouse early. But they treat their players with respect, and thats whats made them so successful.On the face of it, Francona had the harder challenge in getting the Indians here; they were 68-94 before he took over in 2013. Now theyre looking for their first World Series title since 1948. The Cubs were built to win by the time Maddon took over. But they also were on a 0-108 streak when it came to winning world championships, and more to the point, they were down three games to one after Game 4.In the seventh inning of Game 5, up 3-2 but facing a man on and one out, Maddon brought in closer Aroldis Chapman?and let him finish the game. The move was preceded by a few days of gentle persuasion to convince Chapman that he could pitch multiple innings -- precisely what Francona has asked Andrew Miller to do throughout these playoffs (so often, in fact, that it earned Miller the ALCS MVP trophy).Yes, Maddons was a gutsy decision, but it was done with consideration and respect. When he saw the same moment of crisis in the seventh inning of Game 6, with the Cubs leading 7-2, he did it again -- damn the second-guessers.These two really dont care what you think. At this point, they care only about winning, and therein lies the shame of this World Series. As someone who has known Francona since he was a rookie outfielder with the Montreal Expos in 1981, I cant help but root for him. I can still see him going up to each of his Red Sox players after they beat the Indians in the 2007 ALCS and whispering his thanks in their ears. Nor can I help but hope that Maddon is the manager who finally breaks the Cubs curse; his joy for life and baseball are a constant inspiration.For now, its on to Game 7. After the Cubs 9-3 win in Game 6, Francona said, It will be exciting to come to the ballpark tomorrow. Shoot, I just might wear my uniform home.For his part, Maddon said, Both sides have played really good baseball. Its just correct and apt that wed go seven games.May the best team win. It might be hard to find better men, though. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 

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