loyaty22: Jack introduces Devin to Dan Marino

Jack introduces Devin to Dan Marino

Dec 7 2017 at 02:38

Returning to the Longshot studios, Devin reunites with Jack and apologizes for leaving, while Jack does so for failing to properly train him. For the Legends Game, Devin's team is to progress through five challenges, with the first three based on moving the offense downfield from certain starting yard lines in an allotted time frame Madden 18 Coins. At the meeting, the TV executive declares Ross' behavior onscreen inappropriate and allows the player to choose whether to demote or fire him. 

Jack introduces Devin to Dan Marino, who further coaches Devin. In the fourth, Devin has to complete a scoring drive without throwing a pass to Colt. For the final challenge, rain falls on the stadium as Devin faces a third down and 15 situation, an atmosphere resembling his final game at Texas. The two visit a military base in Dubai, where Devin was stationed after enlisting in the Army following his time at Texas. There, Captain McCarthy explains he had helped Devin rediscover his love for football.

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