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Dec 5 2017 at 08:08

The Premier League Darts 2016 champion will be crowned on Thursday night - but Wayne Mardle reckons he knows who will win! Road to The O2 How did the four semi-finalists get so far? Michael van Gerwen plays Adrian Lewis before Phil Taylor meets Gary Anderson in the semi-finals - live on Sky Sports 2 HD at 7pm - before the winners will collide in the final. Authentic Lakers Jerseys .Without further ado, heres Sky Sports expert Mardle picking his winner... Michael van Gerwen v Adrian LewisWayne said: I think Adrian will perform, this will not be plain-sailing for Michael. I wont tell lies and say Adrian is playing as well as Michael because clearly, he is not. Relive some classic encounters between MVG and Jackpot The likelihood is that Michael scores more consistently, not better. There will be legs where theyre both sitting on 41 or less after nine darts, and Adrian must put Michael under pressure. He must let Michael know that he cant run away with it.Adrian needs to take out the 104s and the 88s - if those combinations are not at their best hell get beaten. Michael is the one to stop, and thats no shock. Michael van Gerwen hits a bullseye checkout The extra legs benefit Michael. The longer format gives the better player a bigger chance of winning. If its over one leg, I would have a chance against Van Gerwen. Over 21 legs its unlikely, over 101 legs I would have no chance.Prediction: 10-8 to Van Gerwen. It will be close and it wouldnt be a major shock if Adrian won, but I dont think he will.Sky Bet odds: Van Gerwen 10-8 - 9/1 Phil Taylor v Gary AndersonWayne said: Ive been in turmoil over this. This is just whoever plays better on the night - theyve both been there, seen it, done it. Watch the winning leg between Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld Gary is playing better than Phil and will feel better about his game. But Phil can be playing poorly and still pull something out. Lets not think Phil is going to get annihilated.But of the two, Gary is playing better. Phil can produce things that leave you in awe but Gary has more gears. Gary can go from average-to-brilliant in a leg-and-a-bit, whereas Phil gets stuck in a rut. Gary Andersons win over Raymond van Barneveld If Phil starts off in a rich vein of form and has a swagger, he will be hard to stop.Prediction: 10-9 to Gary, on the basis that Phil is not as composed as he once was. At the end of these long matches, you need composure. Gary has shown incredible composure in the latter part of the season.Sky Bet odds: Anderson 10-9 - 9/1Waynes final: Michael van Gerwen v Gary AndersonWayne said: Gary loves playing Michael. It switches him on, it gets him salivating, he relishes it! Could MVG and Gary Anderson meet for a third time in the PL season? Gary is odd because he isnt afraid to lose. A lot of players protect themselves against the very best, so if its 2-2 they think its the most important thing in the world to hold throw.Gary will think if I get broken Ill just try to break back as best I can. Gary oozes the confidence that comes with winning two World Championships and a Premier League - he has grown so much in three years. Michael van Gerwen beat Gary Anderson in a thrilling contest in Newcastle Prediction: Michael wins but Gary will push him the whole way. I expect a last-leg thriller! The worlds best player will beat the worlds second-best player. Michael will take out 116 with Gary sitting on tops!Sky Bet outright odds: Van Gerwen 8/13, Taylor 100/30, Anderson 11/2, Lewis 9/1Watch Premier League Darts on Thursday, live on Sky Sports 2 HD from 7pm.  Or watch for £6.99 without a contract, on NOW TV. Also See: Darts hidden helpers Sky Live: PL Darts Road to The O2 MVG quickfire quiz Cheap Lakers Jerseys . - The Washington Redskins have cut defensive lineman Adam Carriker and punter Sav Rocca. Wholesale Lakers Jerseys . Inter president Erick Thohir says in a club statement on Wednesday that Vidic is "one of the worlds best defenders and his qualities, international pedigree, and charisma will be an asset. www.cheaplakersjerseyschina.com/ . It might not have mattered. While the Dodgers are preparing for the playoffs, the Padres showed their future has promise behind two rookies. The remarkable -- and seemingly unbelievable -- comeback journey of world champion Vinny Pazienza (now Vinny Paz) makes its way to the big screen this week in Bleed for This. Written and directed by Ben Younger, the film stars Miles Teller (Whiplash, Fantastic Four, The Divergent Series) as Pazienza, the rough-and-tumble fighter from Rhode Island who claimed titles in two divisions. The toughest fight of his career was his inspirational recovery after breaking his neck in a horrific car crash. Bleed for This takes you into the mind of one of the toughest fighters in boxing history. And its a role Teller didnt take lightly.I got the script sent to me three years ago, before Whiplash came out, Teller said. I said, yeah this is amazing! Why are you sending it to me? I felt I wasnt at that place in my career playing guys with the kind of testosterone and masculinity that Vinny has. My agent said Ben Younger, the director, wants to meet you. I thought he was just doing her a favor. I met him and I was super relaxed because I didnt think he was actually thinking of me for the role. I got the call a couple of days later. I was shocked and excited. I felt like I had won a competition, even though I hadnt done anything at that point. His story is innately an inspirational comeback.Still -- Tellers physique wasnt quite that of a boxer. Not yet.I was cast in March. I looked into the mirror and realized this was going to be a long road, Teller said. I knew boxing training would be absolutely brutal. Genetics-wise, I was never that guy who worked out and looked jacked. I really had to diet and work out harder than other people. I knew it was going to be a big challenge. I didnt eat any bread. Didnt drink. I didnt even take a cheat day. I knew I wasnt this naturally gifted visual specimen, so I didnt. I wouldnt even eat a Jolly Rancher because there was like a gram of sugar in it. I didnt want to look at myself on screen and say, Ah, remember that day when you had that pizza? I ended up losing 20 pounds and down to 6 percent body fat, 168 pounds for the first fight scene. I also knew Vinny moved up in weight and that was part of his legacy. I had to regain 15 pounds in two and a half weeks.For years, Teller dreamed of taking on the role of a boxer.If you had asked me in college what parts I wanted to play, I would have said a soldier or a boxer. I like those blue collar stories. To me, this film was about Vinnys comeback. What was going on inside of this person? Whats in his DNA where he breaks his neck and five days later, go down into the basement and work out, literally risking paralysis. He knew hed rather box than walk. And when you really tap into that psyche, I knew it would be a challenge but very rewarding. I needed something at that point in my career to really go outside of my comfort zone. I had never boxed before. I had never done an accent on camera before. I knew the Providence, Rhode Island, accent was going to be very specific.Born in 1987, Teller wasnt familiar with Pazs story or, for that matter, what kind of personality the Pazmanian Devil had. That became crystal clear when he received a package in the mail.He knew I was playing him. It was about two months into my prep, and Im listening to all these interviews with him, and I get this package in the mail. It was a ssigned picture of him in his boxers. Lakers Jerseys From China. The rest is NSFW but suffice it to say, it was the icebreaker Teller needed. Later, when I met him I asked him about it. He said he was cracking up while writing it. He said he wanted to let me know I wasnt playing someone like normal. He was a crazy guy. I was so intimidated by this guy. I didnt want him to see me while I was working on the accent or working on my boxing. I wanted him to see a finished product. He was the first person I met when I got to Rhode Island for filming. That was a surreal moment because here was this guy who I had watched countless hours of footage on and really being obsessed with; pretty much idolizing for the past 8 months and hes the exact same as how he was. He still has the personality that people love.Certainly one thing Teller could relate to was the car accident that nearly killed the champ. In 2007, Teller was in a near-fatal car crash himself, and the scars on his face are a constant reminder.My accident was very similar to Vinnys. The car came out of nowhere. Its very traumatic for the people around you initially, and then its just you left to pick up the pieces. I had just started auditioning and all these casting directors were saying Miles is a good actor but it doesnt make sense for this character to have scars. For a couple of months, I felt that this vision I had for my life and this career that I love so much ... is that now taken away from me? I felt it was something I would be inhibited by and had no control over. Then John Cameron Mitchell, the director for Rabbit Hole called. He just really liked my scars. I dont know if he thought they told a story and gave it a mystery, but he gave me my first full length movie role. I thought I would be just that actor with scars.And, like Teller, Vinny wouldnt give up.Vinny never counted himself out. Even when doctors said fighting again was impossible. In the hospital scene when he asked the doctor how long until I can fight again, that was just how his mind worked. Hed rather box than walk.Adding credibility to the fight scenes, the film cast former middleweight world titleholder Peter Kid Chocolate Quillin playing Roger Mayweather and super middleweight and light heavyweight contender Edwin Rodriguez as Roberto Duran.Darrel Foster, our fight coordinator, trained Sugar Ray Leonard, Teller said. With Peter, we had 5 days to choreograph the fight. With Edwin we only had about 6 hours to rehearse. There were a lot of moments of free boxing because you couldnt choreograph everything. It was really amazing. You get a first-person perspective of what it must feel like to be that close, staring into the opponents soul.Being in the ring, even for staged fights gave Teller a new perspective on boxing.That ring is small, man. Its a lot smaller than you think. It was such a thrill, though. When Vinny knocks out Gilbert Dele in the movie, I was in the moment. He knocked him out in the 2nd round while being a 10-1 underdog. I jumped on the ropes and all the extras were chanting Vinny, Vinny! It was the most surreal moment Ive ever filmed in a movie. I felt like I just won the title.Bleed for This opens in theaters Friday. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 

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