loyaty22: The first commercial sports game

The first commercial sports game

Dec 5 2017 at 01:56

EA's first commercial sports game, published in October 1983 on Apple II, which has appeared on many other platforms over the years. It can be said that EA is A real "hit" because it is ranked second on the Apple SoftDisk game and then on other platforms. This is the first to appear as a celebrity video game, in addition to the birth of EA Sports, also Began his great trend Buy Madden 18 Coins.

The success of this game then prompted me to take 11-11 of the bigger challenge of football, my personal dream, to become Madden football. Even in today's standards for technology, graphics, and UI, one-on-one games will be seen as a classic game that is as interesting today as today. I produced the salary I employed, and had a close management of every staff member. I made a deal with Erving and Bird.

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