loyaty22: You can customize your car in the game

You can customize your car in the game

Dec 2 2017 at 03:37

 In the Rocket league, players can also customize their car, from the shell of the car, tyres, painting, decoration, injection speed when the particle color, still can plug in your country's flag, a game design upgrade system, as long as the player after upgrading the game Rocket League Crates, you can unlock all kinds of parts, for players to create their own unique god a colt.


The unfortunate part is, even if to unlock all of the vehicle, just only appearance change, the ability of other completely are the same, let the playability of the game can't one step closer to ascend.In operation, feel is still nice, than ordinary racing game easier, no understeer, skid, high degree of freedom and no rules of play, it is not very good at car type of game players that also can learn it soon.

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