futshop: Literally some of minutes past in mu legend

Literally some of minutes past in mu legend

Nov 16 2017 at 21:22

Literally some of minutes past, Korean servers alphabetic character Legend developers have opened access to a brand new category of Emphasizer. Emphasizer may be a lady United Nations agency will management ether and mu legend zen nature, and as a weapon uses:

A huge disk - runs it on the road before of you, damaging all the enemies that square measure on this terribly line
Flying swords - launches swords at the required purpose, inflicting harm to any or all enemies United Nations agency square measure within the zone of defeat

So far I likedĀ  the disk a lot of, it's easier for them to kill teams of enemies.
Regardless of the weapons you decide on, the category contains a pretty high support rate.

"You will produce a gate within the such space, and if through them enemies pass, then they're going to get harm. Also, you may be ready to launch a large disk before of you, that causes quite heap of injury. And if you would like to create mu zen fun of enemies, then simply flip them into chickens (target armor is reduced by 50%). "BY www.playerhot.com/games/mu-legend/golds online now.. more cheap mu legend zen from us!

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