HJXHJX: Nike Kobe 8 actual combat evaluation - speed light attack

Nike Kobe 8 actual combat evaluation - speed light attack

Aug 30 2017 at 23:13

Jordan Shoes 2017 is undoubtedly Nike in the field of basketball shoes once again progress! Kobe shoes light several times before the reform, the Nike is impossible according to Kobe's requirements, in the guarantee of excellent performance under the shoes shoes more light - less than 10 ounces. Actual combat is very cool, the ultimate light to ensure your physical fitness, do not have to spend too much on shoes.Kobe's Nike signature shoes, I think the parcel is extremely excellent, LZ think, especially 4-7, low shoes, help after the package is even more outstanding.
Nike Air Jordan 2017 is half of the code to a code. According to past experience lz. ZK series of shoes are deliberately selected half a yard, and this time there is no accident, LZ, as always, chose more than half of the number of zk8. When you get your shoes, hurry up. After fasten shoelaces, a strong sense of surprise: the sole shoes don't unlike prior generations of the same package is very tight, even the activity room, of course is an extremely minor. So LZ personally think that zk8 is not a pair of partial code shoes, ready to online shopping TZ.
Latest Jordans 2017 is best to choose their normal number of yards, or go to the physical store first try on. The shoe has a great innovation this time, using a vamp material that was used on running shoes.The new engineerd mesh as the upper vamp material material, although a lot of criticism, but personally, I was quite satisfied, first of all, although this is called the shoes, but the upper strength is good, more feet than previous generations, ventilation is not lost Hyperfuse series, there are a lot of tongue vents, won't feel hot air combat, than the previous generation are many, this is the point I most satisfied.

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