mtnba2k: Police are still investigating the NFL 18 Coins

Police are still investigating the NFL 18 Coins

Aug 10 2017 at 03:18

Police are still investigating the crime, and NFL 18 Coins our prayers are with his family. But in celebration of his life, after the jump we present a collection of some of the best imitations of Talbert's trademark. This is where the hysteria began:And once a superstar Kentucky basketball player does it... That means you're going to have the entire state of Kentucky doing it. For post-hunt celebrations, and such.


And then there's this adorable little girl:And... This guy. Seriously, how have SIXTY thousand people watched this video?Of course Drake, the up-and-coming R&B act and friend of Kentucky, had to join in:The ESPN crew gets in on the act (via Jose3030): And on and on and on. You can literally find thousands of "John Wall Dance" videos out there, and they've all got at least 50,000 views out there.


What does that say about our culture? Glad you asked: It says we all owe a great debt to Kenzo, John Wall, and most of all, Lashawn "Suga Shizz" Talbert. May he rest in peace.(HT to Eamonn at ESPN)Stan Van Gundy Graduated From The Lou Holtz School Of Opponent-Hyping -


Lou Holtz was the master of publicly stating how scared he was of every single upcoming opponent he faced. He didn't just say he thought the next opponent looked tough, he would imply the next opponent was about to cut a swath across America as if it were one of the Four Horsemen. He was as likely to say this about Penn State as he was to say it about Navy.


Faced with an in-state rival the likes of which the NBA has never seen, Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy has a few different options. He could try ignoring the Heat and pretending his Magic are just as talented as LeBron's boys. Or he could put on a spectacle that would make Lou Holtz blush.Van Gundy's already said the Heat can break the Bulls' 72-win mark. Now he Cheap madden mobile coins tells a radio station that the Heat line-up is pound-for-pound better than anything Michael Jordan's Bulls ever put on the floor.

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